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SSSC Strategic Plan

Fit for the future - our strategy for 2020-2023

Can you help us develop our next strategy for 2020-2023? We need your views and want to hear what you have to say as we design our programme.

This page will help you to get involved in developing our next strategy an stay in touch with progress.

This may be directly through our staff or through our work with organisations and communities. People with lived experience are involved in our work in different ways.


Have your say

We’d like you to tell us what you think we should focus on over the next three years.

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Timeline for our strategic plan 2020-2023

Our draft plan will go to our Council in January and be ready to start on 1 April 2020.



Are you on our register? If you are, come along to our roadshows designed just for you.

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News and views

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Who is the SSSC and what do we do?

This video explains who the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) is and what we do.

Did you know there are around 200,000 people working in social services across Scotland? This means that one in every 13 people employed in Scotland currently work in social services.

Most people working in social services in Scotland will be registered with the SSSC. Some won't be registered yet but will over the next few years.



Find out more about registering with the SSSC including what qualifications you need and how much it costs.

Supporting the workforce

Discover our free learning resources and how our work can support your learning and development.

Fitness to practise

Read more about our fitness to practise process, registrant responsibilities and how to make a complaint about a worker.