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Leadership, improvement learning and wellbeing

We support quality improvement (QI) learning and leadership development at all levels in the social service sector, working collectively with our partners to support these activities. The wellbeing of staff underpins effective leadership and improvement and is also a priority area of work for our team. We work with a range individuals, teams, and organisations so we can understand and respond to the wellbeing needs of the social service workforce.

Leadership development

Leadership development is important as it is a crucial factor in providing high-quality services and achieving positive outcomes for the people who use them. We support leadership development at all levels of social care, social work, and early years as everyone has a leadership role to play.

Quality improvement

Quality improvement is about using a set of tools, techniques and ways of working to improve the quality of outcomes for people who use services. We promote quality improvement learning through developing and sharing learning resources, collaborating with partners and supporting the workforce to share and evidence improvement they make in their services.


Alongside leadership development, we support the wellbeing of people working in social services. We share and promote useful wellbeing resources, collaborate with partners as part of the national wellbeing champions network and continue to engage with social services workers so we can respond to their wellbeing needs.