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Newly qualified social workers

Supporting newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) in Scotland

NQSW Supported Year in Scotland

The SSSC was commissioned by the Scottish Government to provide recommendations on the design, implementation and delivery of a sustainable and accessible Newly Qualified Social Worker (NQSW) Supported Year. Over the past three years we’ve worked with early implementation areas to make sure the proposed approach is right. 

October 2024 introduction

The Scottish Government is committed to the national implementation of the NQSW supported first year in practice by October 2024. We’ll continue to support the workforce and implementation by providing resources to support employers and NQSWs, as well as overseeing NQSW continuous professional learning (CPL).

From October supporting NQSWs using the Definitions of employer support will become mandatory for all NQSW employers and is part of Scottish Government’s ambition to create a strategic framework from qualifying education through to advanced practice for all social workers and social work employers in Scotland.

NQSW website

We have a dedicated website to: 

  • provide information for all NQSWs, their employers, managers and supervisors  
  • support consistency for the NQSW first year of practice 
  • provide information about the current requirements for NQSWs  
  • provide updates on news and events relating to the NQSW Supported Year  
  • provide learning resources informed by our work with employers, managers and social workers from a variety of backgrounds.

NQSW continuous professional learning

Find out what continuous professional learning NQSWs must do.

Find out more here

Learning Zone

Find lots of free learning resources to support your learning and development on our Learning Zone.

Continuous professional learning (CPL)

Continuous professional learning (CPL) is about ongoing learning and development.

Everyone on our Register has to meet CPL requirements as part of their registration.

Step into Leadership

Find resources and information to develop your leadership skills on our Step into Leadership website.