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Make a complaint about the SSSC

We try to provide the best possible service in all areas of our work but accept that sometimes something may go wrong.

When this happens we’d like to know so we can try to put things right.

We have a guide for members of the public who want to make a complaint. Our complaints handling procedure has in-depth information on how we report on and learn from complaints. You can also read our reports on our complaints performance here.

How to complain

To make a complaint about the SSSC, use the form here. If you would prefer to contact us directly, please provide:

  • Your name
  • Your preferred contact details
  • As much detail as possible on the issues you wish to complain about
  • The date the issue(s) occurred, or the date you first became aware of the issue(s).

Providing as much detail as possible will help us to investigate your complaint.

If you want to complain or raise a concern about a social service worker please complete the raising a concern about a worker form here.

What do we treat as a complaint?

We define a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction about the way we work, including the conduct of our staff.

Your complaint may involve more than one part of the organisation or be about someone working on our behalf.

Anonymous complaints

We will investigate anonymous complaints if possible, however the fact it is anonymous in nature may prevent a full investigation.

Stages of a complaint

We want to resolve complaints as quickly and as simply as possible. Please raise your complaint with the member of SSSC staff you have been dealing with. If you feel you can't complain directly to them, please refer your complaint to their manager. You can find out who this is by contacting the SSSC by email: or by telephoning 0345 60 30 891.

Let us know what the problem is, how it happened, and what you would like us to do to sort it out.

We will give you our decision within five working days. If we need more time to investigate we will tell you.

If we can't resolve your complaint at this stage, we will explain why and tell you what you can do next. We might suggest you take your complaint to stage two.

Stage two deals with two types of complaint:

  • those that have not been resolved at stage one
  • those that are complex and require detailed investigation.

When using stage two we will:

  • acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days
  • where appropriate, discuss your complaint with you to understand why you remain dissatisfied and what outcome you are looking for
  • give you a full response to the complaint as soon as possible and within 20 working days from the day we received your complaint.

If our investigation will take longer than 20 working days, we will tell you and agree revised time limits.

If at the end of stage two you remain dissatisfied you may complain to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO).

Do you want to make a complaint about a service?

If you have any concerns about a regulated care service in Scotland you can:

Complaints performance

Read our reports on our complaints performance.

Download the complaints performance report


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