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Fitness to practise decisions

Types of decision

These pages contain information about decisions affecting a worker’s fitness to practise. This information is divided into three separate types of decision.

Public Information Policy

You can find out more about what we publish and why in our Public Information Policy. The policy details what information we publish, what we will remove if necessary and how long information is available on our website. We make this information publicly available to meet our responsibilities as set out in the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 in relation to protecting the public and maintaining and upholding standards in the profession.

Impairment decisions

We publish decisions in fitness to practise cases that we investigate fully. This includes decisions made by SSSC officers and those made after a hearing.

Temporary Orders

We publish a list of Temporary Orders if a worker is suspended or has to work under conditions while we investigate the allegations against them.


Workers can appeal decisions made by SSSC officers or Fitness to Practise Panels in the courts. We publish redacted decisions of some of these appeals.

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